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The idea for this brand was started by three good friends in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. They love having great hair and after trying out many hair products, they were still unable to find a perfect pomade with the hold, fragrance and shine that could withstand the weather and humidity.

Being the modern men, we always seek the perfect product to suit our style. Upon returning to Singapore, they began our journey in formulating their very own pomade suitable for men of all hair types and for all occasions. After countless experiments, They are excited to present this pomade for the modern gentlemen.

Products are professionally and meticulously created to reflect our pursuit of quality.


Gerson & Co. honours your individuality and style by bringing out the best in your looks. Our dedicated team experimented tirelessly to create products known today for their quality. The modern man knows that he needs to look and feel good in his own skin, and we understand what the modern man needs. He is always learning and adapting to new things, skills and styles; while upholding his integrity, well-being and core values.

Gerson & Co. would like to welcome you to the Gentleman’s Club.

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