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Muk is the destination product for those who refuse to conform, embrace diversity and insist on making a strong personal statement. muk is an underground brand that has built its reputation on hard core performance alone. The 1,000's of salons worldwide that stock muk have labelled it the hairdressing industry's next iconic brand.

Founded in Melbourne Australia in 2006, muk embarked on a journey to develop a brand that went against the trend of all other hair care companies. Their vision was to create a product range that not only out performed the market leaders, but grabbed the imagination and attention of a market place constantly being bombarded with "scientific" jargon and magical claims. muk is not just about great hair products; it's a culture, a lifestyle, an attitude.

Muk launched its first product "hard muk" in late 2006. With just 1 product, muk became an overnight success, outselling many of the industry leading brands within weeks. muk's customer service department was inundated with calls from salons literally asking "what is muk?" Consumers were demanding their salon stock muk! Why? Because muk is not just about a great product; it had hit a chord with consumers ready to break out of the boring world of "me too" products and marketing. muk is unique, naughty, provocative, sexy and above all, different. 

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards are Australian Hairdressing's Oscars, with over 150 new products entered every year. In recognition of its amazing performance, "hard muk" was nominated as a finalist in the 2008 AHFA Best New Product Category, and more recently. "deep muk leave-in conditioner" has been nominated finalist for 2009 AHFA Best New Product

Muk has proven that an amazing product, matched with ultra cool packaging and controversial marketing is what the market is searching for. The muk brand culture was born.

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