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Star Wax™ Original is a high-performance, strong-hold styling pomade specifically engineered to address all of these problems. The unique formula behind Star Wax is based on a combination of pure, distilled water and jojoba essence, allowing it to rinse off completely from your hair without leaving any residue. However, unlike other easy-to-rinse, water-based styling products, Star Wax provides an exceptionally strong hold. The jojoba extract nourishes and protects your hair and scalp, providing a long-lasting feeling of moisture. Star Wax is so friendly to your hair, it can be used for years without affecting its condition at all.

When you use Star Wax Original, you will notice that while it is extremely strong compared to ordinary water-based products, it actually remains elastic, even after it dries. Many styling products make your hair brittle when they dry out, unlike Star Wax.

Star Wax Original provides a shiny finish and features an allergen-free, refreshing fragrance.

Star Wax™ Original

SKU: 0011
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