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Star Wax™ Toffee is our interpretation of a moderate hold, natural shine pomade. Toffee contains carefully selected polymers combined with unique natural moisturizers including jojoba, sweet almond, and Dead Sea water, resulting in a distinctive consistency that strikes just the right balance of hold and shine. This intricate blend has been refined multiple times to ensure its compatibility with a wide variety of hair types. Toffee has been formulated to be slightly water-resistant yet easy to rinse. At the same time, it maintains outstanding pliability since the compound is so easy to manipulate. We designed the formula with a paraben-free preservative system, left out harmful short-chain alcohols, and enriched it with Vitamin E for its superior antioxidant properties. Star Wax Toffee features an invigorating, memorable fragrance.

Star Wax™ Toffee

SKU: 0014
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